Japanese Acupuncture

Japanese style acupuncture uses gentle needling techniques to assist energetic flow in the body...



Cupping is a healing modality used to increase circulation to areas of stagnant blood and energy...



Moxa is a dried herb (Mugwort) applied externally to nurture and warm the body...


Optimum health looks different for everyone. I will work with your individual needs to help guide your body towards a balanced state.



NYS Lic. Ac.

Natalie began learning about natural healing modalities at a young age, growing up in rural Western Massachusetts. As a young adult, she embraced cooking as a healing art and social platform. Natalie's love of food lead her to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science from the University of Vermont. She moved to Boston in 2012, craving a more hands-on role in health and wellness.

Natalie decided to pursue a Masters Degree from the New England School of Acupuncture (NESA). The three years of extensive, graduate level training at NESA gave her a deep passion and understanding of holistic health. Natalie opened a private practice in Boston, where she worked with clients from many walks of life. In 2019 Natalie relocated to NYC, drawn in by the City's diversity and depth in culture. Natalie is committed to holding space for those seeking holistic healing modalities. 

Optimum health looks different for everyone. Natalie will work with your individual needs to help guide your body towards a balanced state.



"I feel incredibly grateful to have met Natalie. I have been happily seeing various acupuncturists for years,  but until I met Natalie I had no idea what I had been missing. Natalie is so attentive to every concern, making sure that each is addressed in the session. 
She is so gentle with the needles that I can barely feel them, but can immediately feel my whole energy shift after the first few are inserted. She also utilizes moxa, cupping, abdominal palpitations, and healing touch during every session. I feel completely tended to, safe, and relaxed. I love how amazing I feel after it is over too!
Natalie is a powerful ally in the maintenance of my health- on all levels. I recommend her highly and widely!"

L.E. her/hers

"I had never done acupuncture before working with Natalie, and I could not be more grateful for the experience of finding her practice. From beginning to end, Natalie creates an experience that feels warm, healing, authentic, thoughtful, safe, supportive, and flexible. She is creative and wise in her choices, and handles sensitive topics gracefully and mindfully. Not only have I received effective treatment for my needs, but she’s gifted me the encouragement to deepen my self-awareness in the process of self-healing."

S.K. her/hers

"Natalie is a skilled and thoughtful healer. Treatments with her helped me manage long-term shoulder pain and digestive issues, as well as general stress relief. I fell peacefully asleep during almost every appointment - which in acupuncture is usually a good thing!
As a non-binary queer person who is often uncomfortable in most medical/health related appointments, I want to thank Natalie so much for providing me and other queer clients a place to feel safe and seen."

T.G. they/them

"Natalie is a fine practitioner. She is amazingly brilliant, she is empathetic, she is caring and diligent. Natalie has great instincts and talent. It is a great pleasure to work with her."

M.S. he/his

“I whole-heartedly recommend Natalie as an acupuncture practitioner.  She has approached each treatment I have received from her with kindness and an astute listening ear.  Many times, she has made connections from my self-reporting of pain or discomfort that I would be unable to draw myself.  She has worked primarily with me on my scoliosis, stress-induced tension and back pain.  After each treatment I have left feeling taller, more in-tune with my body and with significant less pain.  Please consider visiting Natalie for her compassionate and informed acupuncture care.”

A.S. they/them

"I am grateful I had the opportunity to work with Natalie.  She has a calm, kind, open, welcoming demeanor, making it easy to feel comfortable and relaxed with her.  She is a skilled practitioner with good instincts, and able to offer a variety of treatments in one session.  I got to experience Japanese-style acupuncture, moxa, some take-home acupuncture, and cupping, plus she uses a form of therapeutic touch as well, making a client feel really cared for.  I always felt better after a treatment!"

K.E. her/hers

“Natalie starts her practice with a check-in which helps focus the healing to specific regions. I really appreciate how patient and generous she is with her time both in our conversations and in her treatments. Each session I saw Natalie, I experienced healing and relaxation. Her holistic approach to health and wellness is inspiring and supportive of my whole being. I am truly grateful for all of her time, care and healing magic! Thank you, Natalie!"

L.M. her/hers

"When I have any aches, anxious thoughts, sinus pressure or even a spike in my seasonal allergy symptoms, I seek Natalie’s treatment for a swift recovery. But the benefits from ongoing acupuncture therapy have allowed  me to live a more stress-free and pain-free everyday life. Natalie gives her patients and her treatments every ounce of care and attention. Natalie will work with you to make you feel comfortable and relaxed about the treatment.Natalie is without a doubt born to be a healer, and it shows in her work."

J.H. they/them

“I was excited but a little nervous as needles don’t always sound like fun! I did, however, trust Natalie completely and knew she had a broad knowledge base in this area of healing. As I have had intense pain in my right ankle and left leg, which has made it increasingly hard to walk, I was ready to try this method, especially knowing Natalie. In coming into the space, Natalie had made it a very calming, welcoming space, with beautiful music, great scents, and indirect light to create an overall relaxing and inviting atmosphere. She was so good about checking with me to know exactly where my pain was. As she went through the process, she was very clear about what she was doing and why. This greatly alleviated any anxiety I might have felt initially.  I was delighted to find it was amazing ... kind of like a massage from the inside out! The sensations and healing electricity inside my legs and joints created by the accupuncture, was surprising and amazingly relieved my pain. I was so thankful for Natalie’s expertise and calm, confidence I definitely will make this a new part of my pain management routine! ”

M.H. her/hers